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"The team at Redford Charter Power Washing were able to give us a great quote for extensive exterior cleaning for our house. Roofing cleaning, gutter cleaning, window cleaning as well as pressure washing for our paver patio and driveway. Thanks again!"
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Exterior Pressure Washing Services in Redford Charter

Residential exterior house cleaning, including siding, driveways, roofs, gutters, and more!
Streak-free window cleaning in Redford Charter at fair prices
Commercial pressure washing and commercial roof cleaning options

Additional Exterior Cleaning by the Experts

Paver cleaning and sealing utilizing top-notch materials and advanced methods
Sanitization and disinfection services for local homes and businesses
Soft wash pressure washing services for all delicate surfaces

Power Washing Companies Envy Our Services!

We're the number one power washing business in Redford Charter.
Locally owned and operated, with our company based on family values.
Not happy? Call us back, and we will fix whatever the issue is at no additional cost.

The Results Are Proven in Our Pressure Washing Before & Afters

You won't know what to expect out of your pressure washing in Redford Charter until you've seen the work firsthand. Here are a few pictures to show you the level of quality we provide every one of our clients.

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Greetings from Redford Charter Power Washing Pros - Get to Know Our Company!

The crew at Redford Charter Power Washing Pros are excited to meet you! Our pressure washing company has been in this industry for decades, and it's not just punching a time clock for us. We truly love what we do, and we love seeing the smiles we can leave on our customers' faces.

All of our valuable clients get the same personal attention, dedication, and respect, regardless of what the job is or how much it pays. We treat everyone fairly and how you deserve to be. Trust that if we tell you something about the condition of your home or business in terms of cleanliness, we're being 100% honest.

Get a quick pool deck cleaning before your next gathering, or schedule an entire exterior house cleaning in time for your family's arrival. Either way, we will make it cost-effective and complete the task efficiently.

Call our office to get a FREE quote on power washing in Redford. We will detail every expense, and there will never be any hidden or extra fees tacked on without you knowing.

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Pressure Washing in Redford is Our Specialty

While the majority of our customers call for basic home pressure washing services in Redford, our abilities go far beyond that. Take a look at a few of the other top-notch cleaning jobs we can perform for you.

Pressure Washing Siding

Have you been thinking about replacing the siding on your house? Wait! Before you spend the money on a complete tear-off and installation, discover what our thorough pressure washing can accomplish for a fraction of the price.

Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Your roof and gutters perform functions and protect your home. If you want them to work for you, you must take care of them. That means regular roof cleaning in Redford Charter. Get an inspection to find out if it's time.

Paver Cleaning & Sealing

Have you been looking at your pavers thinking they've reached the point of no return? Our technicians can show you otherwise. Learn more about our paver cleaning and sealing in Redford Charter, MI, to enhance the appearance.
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Our Expert Pressure Washers in Redford Charter Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Contractor-provided services often come with many questions from the clients that demand them. Before you get overwhelmed with the project you're thinking about having done, get some clarity from our pros!

How much does it usually cost to pressure wash a house?

The national average for pressure washing in Redford, Michigan, and across the nation is between $183 and $380. The price fluctuates depending on the size of the house and the number of services requested. We will customize a quote for you at no cost when you reach out to our office staff.

Is it legal to pressure wash a driveway?

Some regions throughout the US have introduced a clean water act that prohibits pressure washing driveways because of the polluted run-off water that enters storm drains. Our company takes care of the run-off water so that you don't have to worry about any environmental contaminants.

Is pressure washing bad for a house?

The only time that pressure washing is bad for a house is when it's done incorrectly. We use a soft wash power washing technique that is more gentle but just as effective. You won't have to worry about damages to siding, windows, or other features because of forceful or scalding hot water. As a fully licensed and insured pressure washing business, we cover any accidental damages that may occur.

Pressure Washing Services in Redford Charter Customized for Your Location & Budget

When you call Redford Charter Power Washing Pros, we let you tell us what you want accomplished and what you can afford. With our skill and time spent in this trade, we can find a plan for completing your exterior pressure washing and other services that go above and beyond what you thought possible. Check out some of our options, and then let's discuss what you have in mind.

House Pressure Washing in Redford Township - Consider the Wide Array of Benefits!

House pressure washing in Redford Charter is about more than appearance. The advantages of having this project completed at least once a year goes past what you can see. For instance, you're removing sticks, twigs, and other debris that could put holes in your siding or your roof that would require more expensive structural repairs. And that's just one instance where power washing pays for itself in protection.

If you want to learn more about the pros of power washing in Redford, MI, call to speak with our specialists. We will take all the time necessary to make you feel comfortable and relaxed about your upcoming services. We offer free estimates for exterior power washing!
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technician pressure washing a home in Redford, MI
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Patio Cleaning in Redford Charter That's Reasonably Priced and Done on Your Schedule

Many of the people we talk to admit that they've put off their patio cleaning in Redford Charter because of the cost. It's one of those things that's easier to neglect than figure into the budget, but we're here to tell you that you should stop doing that.

Our patio cleaning services are reasonably priced, and we get them achieved in the blink of an eye. For a small investment in your favorite among power washing companies in Redford, MI, you'll get to enjoy this exterior space for the entire season as if it were brand new again.

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Driveway Pressure Washing for Residential Properties in All Local Neighborhoods

Vehicle fluids, foot traffic, and natural elements can really mark up a driveway. It doesn't necessarily mean the unsightliness is permanent, though. Our driveway pressure washing in Redford, MI is second-to-none, and we promise to get rid of the most stubborn stains and spots.

Not only does our superior high-pressure cleaner in Redford Charter get underneath all the nitty-gritty to reveal a gorgeous concrete driveway again, but it's also completed safely. We use only eco-friendly solutions so you can relax about allowing your children and pets out to play when we're through. Call us today for quality work and free estimates for residential power washing.
pressure washing a concrete driveway in Redford MI
commercial power washing technician in Redford

Commercial Power Washing in Redford, MI - Have You Been Missing Out?

Are you wondering why other like-business types are getting more customers coming in than you? Have you thought about the commercial pressure washing in Redford Charter choices that we have available? If you haven't, now is the time to discover what it can do for your company.

Instead of watching the cars go by, they will have to stop in and check out what you have going on inside. Taking care of your building exterior says that you are devoted to your company, which is what customers want to see.

Get a complimentary estimate scheduled today for commercial power washing and learn more about how reasonable our prices are.

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Paver Cleaning & Sealing in Redford Charter Prevents Problems Down the Road

Pavers see a lot of heavy foot traffic, and they get hit with the flying debris of nature. When some time passes, they will begin to show their age. The pavers you loved when you bought the property quickly become an eyesore and something you would rather stay away from. Our paver cleaning and sealing in Redford, MI changes that.

The skilled crew from Redford Charter Power Washing Pros implement the methods that have proven to effectively scrub away years of build-up to reveal the gorgeous pavers below. A paver seal using the highest-quality products on the market ensures that the condition stays the same through the next several seasons. It's worth every penny, so call now for free estimates and schedule an appointment.
pressure washing patio pavers in Redford Charter, Michigan
professional disinfection equipment at Redford Charter business

Stay Safe and Healthy with our Superior Disinfecting & Sanitization Services

Now more than ever before, we are worried about the health and safety of ourselves, our families, and our customers. The local health advisors have put in place a plethora of guidelines for protecting one another, and we've piggybacked on that with our superior disinfection services available in Redford Charter and the surrounding areas.

Rest assured that when you hire us, there isn't a single spec that will get overlooked by our pressure washers. Don't try and do this type of job on your own. We have the medical-grade cleaning supplies you want for peace of mind that you're free from viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing contaminants.

Make an appointment by calling our customer care team now!

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Explore Our Pressure Washing - Redford & Surrounding Service Areas!

Are you located in or around the Redford Charter Township service area in Michigan? If so, we're the pressure washing business you want working for you. We show up on time, ready to work and GUARANTEE our results.

Reach out to us now to have your questions answered and to clear up any concerns. Take advantage of our FREE quotes and same-day services while you're at it!

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We're Serious About Pressure Washing in Redford Charter, Michigan!

When you trust your residential pressure washing or commercial power washing in Redford Charter to us, we promise you won't be disappointed with the results. Fully licensed and insured. Over 20 years of experience. Call us at (313) 351-8444
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